HD Brows - Pro Stylists

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You may have struggled to achieve the perfect eyebrows and keep wondering what you are doing wrong. We have the perfect solution – HD brows. Ever wondered how some people seem to have magnificent eyebrows with every strand in place? Well, you can get that too.

At Guyz ‘n’ Dollz, we prioritise all things beauty, and eyebrows certainly count. We combine several techniques such as threading, tinting, and waxing to ensure you get the best high definition brows when you leave our salon. Tell us your idea of perfect and our highly trained beauticians will work on bringing it to life. Our goal is to give you brows that suit the shape of your face, complexion, and other features. Please also be aware that a skin test is required 24-48hrs prior.

We handle the whole process, which includes preparation, blending, and designing. With our high definition brow services, you won’t just look great; you will feel amazing too. Nothing pads up your confidence like bespoke high definition brows.

At Guyz ‘n’ Dollz, we work with the latest equipment for clients to get superior quality services. Get attended to by a professional and friendly staff whose sole purpose is to make people look good. Our services are not just for women but men as well. If you want advice on how to take care of your eyebrows, we will give it gladly. When looking for low-cost salon services, Guyz ‘n’ Dollz is your ultimate choice. Call us to book a consultation for HD brows services.